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History and services

Dexore has started out as a small family business over a decade ago. Today Dexore is a Southern California most recognized construction company that specializes in challenging hillside projects and offers the most advanced caisson drilling system in the area. During the 12 years of on-site experience, we have completed multiple projects including up to 15-degree slope developments, excavation of 70 percent bedrock filled soil, construction of a 50-foot retaining wall and instalment of caissons 150 feet into the ground. We have worked on and successfully finished complex foundations that many companies have refused to deal with. Dexore’s team includes highly skilled engineers and trained contractors who are able to analyze, compute and then implement in life a project that might be viewed as an impossible task by our competitors. Our caisson machines are specifically manufactured to work in dense and dry Southern California soils; the attachments we offer can be used for both large-scale projects and limited, tight places that yet require a deep and stable foundation. Dexore has completed caisson based foundations for small 1,500 square feet residential one-story houses and large multilevel commercial properties with parking garages. Our related services include hillside excavation and dirt hauling, piles drilling and shoring, instalment of grade beams, retaining walls and core drilling.


No matter what is a project’s complexity, Dexore provides its own modern equipment including heavy load vehicles, hand tools and trucks. Our caisson machines are compatible with most drilling attachments and can be used at any elevation with any type of soil and will be adjusted for your specific lot’s angle of steepness. We offer multiple bulldozers for excavating jobs, therefore enhancing the efficiency of each machine and operator. Dexore’s loader trucks constantly transport sandy material from the top of the hill to the dump trucks and eliminate the necessity of manual labour. For most projects, we offer several dump trucks that continuously transfer excavated dirt, rocks and debris from your lot to the nearest dump station, providing enough space for the new loads in the shortest time. Dexore’s manual tools are always updated and maintained in order to provide safe and fast services in areas where average conventional machinery cannot be used due to limited space or utility line pathways.

Our team

Dexore’s professional crew includes many professionals with necessary education, experience, and even more importantly a passion for construction. Our engineers are always ready to consult you on the project’s plan specifications and revise minor components. A licensed architect will help with reading plans and make necessary corrections to the property’s design. Structural and soil engineers will provide information on safety requirements and make sure your project has all the required work completed before the official city inspection. Dexore’s contractors have gained experienced by performing their job on a daily basis for the past 12 years and we are proud to offer the most skilled heavy machinery operators with over 25 years of experience in the field. All the drivers employed by Dexore have a valid A-license and will ensure your lot is kept clean and organized at all times by transporting waste and soil to designated locations. Our on-site and office managers have a bachelor degree or higher in business-related fields and have completed a vigorous training covering work ethics, human relationships and legal aspects of construction. You can always rely on our accounting team and in-house CPA to provide you with the most detailed and easy to read the contract that will underline major project expenses including cost breakdown. And finally, Dexore’s CEO has started a company 12 years ago by building the very first property with his own manual tools and just one small rental machine. Nowadays, he oversees all the transactions of the company and often personally examines the grounds of future projects as well as completes frequent inspections of the site once the work has started.


Environmentally responsible thinking is not what you will often find within a construction company. At Dexore, we are fully aware of devastating consequences a single project might bring to a whole county. And while modern technology does not yet allow eliminating the usage of natural resources, we have been implementing creative solutions for years and try our best to minimize the negative effect that the company’s activity can bring to the environment. Dexore extensively uses processed wood in order to limit the number of fresh cut trees. We have updated our collection of small hand equipment and are now using many solar powered tools on a daily basis. Our hydraulic power equipment uses 15 percent less energy than traditional units. Even more, our cleaning team is trained to sort through the construction waste and recycle suitable material as often as possible. Here at Dexore, we feel responsible to contribute to our planet’s wellbeing which will be enjoyed by generations to come.


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