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Drilling Caissons All the Way

The DEXORE team performs drilling of up to 150 feet depth, with a full 6 feet in diameter. DEXORE specializes in residential, hillside and commercial drilling of all types. Note that Caisson drilling is a common process used for sites that require a deep foundation. The safety code of many locations requires caisson reinforced structure since it provides support and stability not just for the building that will be constructed on a certain parcel, but for adjacent lands as well. Pile foundation must be constructed for multiple level buildings as well as houses located on steep hillside sites that and subject to landslides and rock falls.

Due to extremely dry conditions, the soil in Southern California is less absorbent than in other parts of the country which presents a property owner with the danger of upper section of his lot being washed off during heavy storms. While caisson foundation is not designed to completely prevent soil wasting, it can significantly lower the danger associated with winter mudflows. Pile foundation is a necessity for sites located in earthquake hazardous zones. Strong concrete columns prevent large magnitudes of movement within the soil and make the entire site move as a consolidated unit, minimizing potential damage to the property..

Equipment of any type of projects 

DEXORE has multiple caisson machines that can accomplish virtually any task related to pile drilling in Southern California. Our small and compact rigs are perfect for easy projects with relatively shallow foundations. DEXORE’s large and modern caisson machines can perform the job of any complexity including projects that require piles of up to 150 feet in depth and 6 feet in diameter – the best results in the entire state. Our rigs are compatible with most modern attachments and can be slightly modified in their configuration to serve each individual project. As a result, no matter what is the soil density, the elevation of the lot or the angle of repose, DEXORE team will be able to construct a caisson foundation according to your engineering plans.

Experience of Operators in Excess of 25 Years

Our operators have over 25 years of experience working in challenging conditions in Southern California. All members of Dexore’s caisson team work on multiple projects during the year and can deliver the best results despite the weather conditions and difficulties associated with geological conditions of the site. Nevertheless the safety of our team members is our number one concern. Therefore, every project site has to be inspected and assessed before the work begins to make sure that the timeframe and environmental conditions are suitable and feasible. 


DEXORE’s ultimate objective is to bring our clients the highest possible value for their money. We understand that many properties are built as a form of investment and our management always keeps a time factor in mind when designing construction schedule and timeframe for project completion. It is not uncommon for DEXORE to finish the project before the specified date, saving our clients’ time and money, building trusting professional relationships and creating a win-win situation for both the company and our valued clientele.

DEXORE Beats Any Negotiated Contract Terms

Moreover,DEXORE will try and beat any written contract price by offering over and above what has been agreed beforehand between the customers and DEXORE. Such a thing would help the customers reap the highest possible value for their money and that is the ultimate objective of DEXORE; to help customers realize the maximum return on their investment. This is something that would delight the company in return, of having had satisfied a client to his expectations. So, such a thing is what DEXORE would aim for as this creates a win-win situation for both the company and all of its valued clientele. 


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