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Cutting Edge Drilling Services

Core drilling is the process of creating equal round shape openings in concrete and other dense materials. Coring is used to meet numerous construction requirements. Precise round openings create a perfect pathway for internet and television cables, plumbing pipes and the entire electrical system. Our small diamond cores will cut a straight opening in the concrete and by balancing the energy from within the opening with the weight of the outside material, Dexore ensures that no damage is caused to the surrounding structure. Core drilling is used to create space and install structural anchors required for stability of most temporary components of the project. You will need core drilling services to create manholes and drainage systems and even though this type of job can be accomplished manually, diamond cores can speed up the process by days. Even if you just need to obtain a small sample of the old concrete in the foundation, coring is the right choice.

Dexore uses diamond core drills that are famous for their high quality and ability to make perfectly cylindrical openings effortlessly. On an average day, we can create up to one hundred deep openings with smooth interior finish. Our cores come in all sizes and can accomplish any task from creating small several inches in diameter holes necessary for cables and pipes to drilling large up to four feet openings used for rebar management during reconstruction. Even more, we are always ready to work with customers who request non-standard size of holes. In cases like this, we are able to obtain personalized attachments for our machines and create an opening of any depth and even unconventional shape. Our equipment includes small portable machines that can be easily transported to any jobsite and, therefore, complete the task even in the smallest and tightest areas. Before starting the project, our crew members will consult with the city and, if necessary, utilize remote sensing equipment in order to ensure that there are no pipes or utility lines located within the drilling pathway. Our unique testing equipment will also determine the conditions of the soil and the size of boulders that might come in a way when drilling. Only after this initial inspection, we will be able to determine the best core attachment that will be used for your project. Dexore employs the most skilled operators and our top of the line equipment can be utilized during most weather conditions, so you can be sure that the project will be finished in time.

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