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Dirt Hauling

Most hillside properties require dirt hauling since the foundation has to be constructed on the flat surface and the angular shape of the slope must be eliminated by removing ground and small rocks. DEXORE offers dirt hauling services for both residential and commercial projects and we have machines of all sizes and shapes that will accomplish the task no matter how small or oddly shaped your parcel of land is. Our rigs range from the smallest plates which can be used for removing dirt in tight areas to large massive attachments that can quickly penetrate the most challenging terrain and complete the job faster due to high load capacity. For easy-to-access projects, we provide dirt hauling and soil removal by several of our brand new excavators. The process combines excavation and earth removal in one easy step and significantly speeds up the entire job. For properties built at high elevations, Dexore’s loader trucks are always available to transport fine grain materials down to the dump truck. By using a loader vehicle, we eliminate the necessity to manually transport sand, mud and small rocks down the hill which in turn escalates the efficiency of our team. Not every lot can accommodate a large machine and we often have to deal with land so dense and rocky, that ordinary conventional equipment is not able to achieve desired results. In situations like this, DEXORE offers manual tools, for example, electric and hydraulic shovels. Our team workers use their manpower to break large strong rocks; after the material is loosened, we continue removing the dirt with bulldozers and excavators. 

At DEXORE, our main priority is to provide the highest quality of service. Yet, we always try to satisfy our customers by offering the most cost-effective option for a particular lot. Our team of professionals will examine your parcel of land and propose the most efficient way of dirt hauling for your specific project. You can always modify the terms of the contract in the future by requesting a more expensive and faster option.

DEXORE will pass the savings to you by hauling that (x) amount of dirt

In addition to the focus on the quality of service provision that DEXORE has, the company would also like to make its services cost-effective. This means that for any cost savings that it makes as part of hauling any specific amount of dirt from a site, it would like to pass them onto to its valued customers so they share the fruits of economies of scale that help the company make savings in the first place. This way, both the company and the customers share the benefit arising out of the exercise instead of just the company taking it all away for itself.

DEXORE is your complete foundation from A to Z

Be advised that DEXORE is a partner of its valued customers, from start until the end of the project. Dirt hauling is only the first step in the act which extends until the project’s keys are handed over to the waiting customers! The company takes care of all the major and minor things that are needed for completing a project, effectively shouldering all of its responsibilities while the customers remain care-free until the job is finished. The company is confident that it would be able to come up with the expectations of its clientele and offer them something that makes them feel happy at having had contracted DEXORE for their construction project


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