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Grade beams and retaining walls


DEXORE offers a full package of services related to the construction of reinforced beams made of concrete, also known as grade beams. Grade beams along with bearing walls and piles are designed to evenly transmit the weight of the upper structure and provide additional support to the property. Before starting a project, an engineer calculates the bearing capacity of soil at a specific location. If it is determined that the computed number is not high enough to hold the proposed building, the owner of the project must either reconsider the structural elements or ensure that the soil is reinforced with beams to be able to withstand the excess weight levied on it.Grade beams and bearing walls take time to construct, but their benefits are priceless. 


Construction of retaining walls is one of the most popular services offered by DEXORE. Southern California contains dry and highly movable soils that present danger to most hillside projects. Due to low absorbent levels, mudflows are possible during rainy winters. Californian earth is also a subject of liquefaction – the process that transforms solid soil into liquid like material during excessive shaking and inevitably causes the collapse of the structures placed on this soil.

Retaining wall provides support for a large mass of soil; it holds the slope as a consolidated unit and prevents the upper-level earth from moving down to the property or public roads. DEXORE constructs a wide variety of retaining walls starting with basic short barriers several feet tall that are designed to protect your driveway or garden and ending with massive structures that can be as high as a hill itself and provide support for the entire lot. We work with most modern materials and offer a large variety of walls including a traditional gravity wall made of concrete and compressed stones, the cantilevered wall designed to hold light loads and sheet piling wall that is perfect for backyard design and can be installed on any lots no matter how small they are. Retaining wall is not a luxury addition, but a safety feature required by most towns in Southern California and our crew at DEXORE will help you with this complex, but necessary feature of the project. 


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