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DEXORE performs all types of excavation from gentle to steep slopes as our expertise goes beyond competition

The process of excavation involves removing soil and rock in order to make the site available for the next step in construction – foundation. Excavation also involves moving and rearranging earth within the lot in order to free major areas of the building and organize the remaining sections for landscape designers. Soil excavation is one of the first steps that have to be implemented for every project regardless of geographic location or complexity. It is also one of the most important steps since the process includes not only the surface removal of the earth but also in-depth analysis of the density and chemical composition of soil, the stability of surrounding areas, weather patterns and other environmental conditions. Pre-approval inspection is always required in order to determine whether proposed depth is compatible with site specifications. Our experienced contractors will gather information on your parcel of land, make sure that soil can be properly and compacted before proceeding with the project and will also obtain all the necessary information from the city in order to avoid damaging underground water or gas pipes. Many towns in Southern California have strict rules with regards to disturbing natural habitat of local plants and animals as well as using construction equipment to divert natural water resources. DEXORE’s team members are knowledgeable about all the required safety measures and will make sure that your project is completed according to local and state laws. 

DEXORE rigs range from compact to giant machines suitable for all type of excavation

DEXORE offers multiple excavation bulldozers for every large project which significantly shortens the original timeframe. We own top of the line excavation machinery which can penetrate any soil and most types of rock without additional equipment. Our dump trucks are always on site and ready for earth pickup and our experienced professional drivers' transport excavated materials to the nearest station in a timely manner. 


Shoring is a temporary step required to provide structural support for the building and its parts before all the permanent components are installed. Shoring takes many forms and Dexore’s team is experienced in working with the different material and in different techniques including vertical, horizontal and angled shoring. Well thought-through and engineered shoring is especially important for the sites located on steep slopes, where both the forces of gravity and unstable conditions of soil increase the danger of sliding and collapse. In our projects, we incorporate both metal shoring which is a preferred material due to its strength and load capacity, as well as timber materials that work great in the earthquake zones due to the wood’s flexibility features. At the early stages of the project, shoring helps to protect the surrounding loads until the lower levels of the structure are finished. Most of the shoring process involves manual hand labor and, therefore, the experience of the crew is the key factor for success. DEXORE provides all our team members with safe and modern tools and equipment which makes shoring a fast and easy step in the construction process.

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