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When machine access is limited!

Dexore’s ultimate goal is to satisfy you as a customer. At the same time, we are always on a mission to create friendly and trusting relationships with the neighbors, locals and anyone else who might be affected by your project. This approach has proved to be beneficial and provides a solid ground for a fast and problem-free construction process. Number one concern of the residents from surrounding houses is the possibility of losing electricity, water or cable services due to the pipe damages associated with the project. Dexore’s team can assure with confidence, that even though this scenario is probable, it is not likely possible. Our team includes professional structural and soil engineers, geologists and geographers, who can easily locate any utility lines in the ground and calculate the safest way for excavation, caisson drilling or coring. In some cases, a written report might differ from the actual position of the cable and pipe lines due to the passage of time since the report has been made and constant movement of earth crust in the area. Our modern geospatial equipment can identify the smallest object on the depth of up to 200 feet. When Dexore’s team does not feel comfortable with using machinery, we provide our workers with concrete saws, sawhorses, barrier tapes, jackhammers, manual diggers and specially designed scanners that prevent disruption of the lines. On request, we can supply every interested person with the underground utilities plan provided to us by the city. In this way, we eliminate your neighbor’s worries and make sure that your residency in the area starts on the right foot.

Trained to work in harsh conditions

Southern California is known for its challenging climate conditions: strong Santa Ana winds, hot summer temperatures and rainy winters with possibility of landslides and mud flows. Dexore’s crew members have been trained to perform individual responsibilities to the best of their abilities and sound judgement, even in unfavorable circumstances. No matter what the weather conditions are, our management team as well as on site contractors will try to provide the best service possible. This is the main reason why Dexore is able to deliver job on or before discussed timeline; our crew members have required education, experience and company training to meet all the challenges associated with the work, no matter what environment they have to work in.

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