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Shoring to Safety

The process of shoring, performed by team DEXORE, is about temporarily supporting any structure or vessel or trench that possibly poses a danger of collapsing while repairs are carried out on it. Shoring is carried out to prevent any disaster from meeting the structure and is therefore undertaken for ensuring that its base is strengthened for future use so that it no more poses the danger that it does at that particular point in time. There are many different angles at which shoring can be done such as horizontal, angled or vertical. It depends on the structure and other factors, based on which team DEXORE decides which kind of shoring is best for the specific case.  


Call by the Designer

The designers from team DEXORE in-charge of the shoring exercise actually have to take stock of a number of factors when they are trying to ascertain the behavior of the shoring excavation exercise. There are many variables that influence it and they take care of each of them to ensure that the exercise proceeds ahead with full force and that all of its problems are sorted out. They come up with solutions to each and every problem they encounter so that they are rooted out in time and that they do not mushroom up to create additional problems of any kind any time.


Providing Support to Weak Structures

The main idea goal of shoring is that the deflection of beams, slabs or girders of the particular structure should be avoided. The idea is to support the structure in any way that it requires support. This can be done by carrying out an accurate diagnosis of the structure to ascertain what kinds of weaknesses it has. Once that is done accurately, the next step is to root out those weaknesses one by one by providing it with all the support that it needs to withstand its weight and therefore remain stable as one, without posing a danger of collapse of any kind.


Go Ahead and Request a Quote Today!

All customers interested in having any of their structures shored up for the sake of stability should contact team DEXORE for discussing the issues they foresee with their buildings. This is so that the team can give them a basic idea about how it would proceed with their project. From there, it can initiate a survey of the site to know its exact diagnosis. When done, it would then be able to compute the cost that would be incurred by the customer in shoring up the specific structure. Therefore, they must contact the company today to kick-start the process and allow it to apprise them with a quotation of the project ASAP.


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